Hospital Management Software

Hospital SoftwareThe Hospital record management system is designed for any hospital to replace their existing manual, paper based system. The new system is to control the following information Patient information, room availability, staff and operating room schedules, and patient invoices. These services are to be provided in an efficient, cost effective manner, with the goal of reducing the time and resource currently requires such tasks.

List of Modules

  • Doctors Management
  • Patient Management
  • Serial Controller
  • Refer Account
  • Diagnostics Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Cabin and Word Management
  • Doctors Fees Setup
  • Billing


Why use this software

  • Optimizing utilization of all Hospital resources
  • Scheduling and planning for the departments
  • On-line interface with vendors
  • In depth cost analytics & controlling (cost center level, case level, service level)
  • Multi level Profit and  Loss (P&L) reporting
  • Top class Business Intelligence (BI) to support decision making
  • Increases the efficiency of the office / management staff.
  • Decreases paper work to great extent making the process cost effective.
  • Strengthens relationship with patient.
  • Saves man hours and reduces communication cost


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